Chisholm 9×5 Exhibition at Cube 37

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Frankston Arts Centre, Victoria
July 2022

Sadly, I missed the opening of the 9×5 exhibition this year, which is unusual, as I try to get there every year to support the art students in person. This is an exhibition that I was happy to enter when studying at Chisholm especially as I made a few sales.

So, despite my visit being a little late, I was happy to give all the artworks a good look today before the exhibition closes.

One major difference to the presentation of artworks this year, which I was very happy to see, was the addition of frames around each piece. Whilst they are only for presentation, and do not accompany the artworks when sold, they do set them off nicely, giving potential buyers a glimpse of how good they will look in their home.

Cube 37 also always allows room for artworks to ‘breath’ by not cramming them together. In this case the artworks are set on the walls at about eye-level, making them very easy to see. No artwork is set up at the disadvantage of another, and the lighting is well managed.

In regard to the artworks themselves, the topics and materials are quire varied so there is something there for everyone. The topics include landscapes, seascapes, figurative pieces both realistic and inspired by graphic novels, still life and abstract. Materials, I noticed this year, also included digital artworks, reflecting Chisholm’s inclusion of digital and graphic art-based artworks in this exhibition. It was also good to see water colours and gauche on paper used for some of the works.

The quality of the artworks, as I have noticed for previous 9×5 exhibitions, varied, as they are completed by students from Certificate 1 through to Advanced Diplomas, and possible degree level study, so this is to be expected.

Paintings of which I would ike to make special mention for the quality of drawing, painting skills, use of colour, and style are:

  • Artwork 56, based on graphic novel styled art was very well drawn and drew the eye in with some emotive action hinted at
  • Artworks 30, 6, 9 and 8 were more traditionally painted and the attention to the medium was well done creating an attractive little painting
  • Artwork 32 was a figurative piece showing only the eyes, but they were very well done, showing a wealth of emotion for such a small section of a face
  • Artwork 11 containing a little girl reading a book with a possum on her shoulder and dog at her feet was a very charming and beautiful little painting.

At the time of my visit five artworks had been sold, which is about average for this exhibition, although I would like to see more support from the local community for these emerging artists.Congratulations to Meagan Kent, Ashley Michelle Cooke, Leisa Holland, Nicholas Lederer and Naomi Ryder for selling artworks.

I totally enjoyed looking at the work by Chisholm’s students again this year and the only things I can criticise in the exhibition would be the few artworks that did not fit into the frames, or were ill-fitting. This detracted from viewing them, so I think a little more care would have invited me stay to enjoy them longer. Just a small thing, but when selling and exhibiting, it is the little finishing touches that make the difference.

Overall, however, well done to all the participants and I look forward to catching up for this event next year.


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