Order and Beauty

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Isaac Newton once asked “Whence arises all that order and beauty we see in the world?” Something that has been debated by philosophers and artists for generations. Each, in their own way finds various ways to interpret and express their understanding of beauty, what it is, and why it is that that we all see it so differently. Visual artists in particular have historcially expressed beauty as it is seen in the physical world around them, but this interpretation deals mainly with the phsyical manifestions around us, and how the artist’s perspective alters that “reality” creatively.

As art entered the 20th century, artists such as the Surrealists searched for what lay under the surface of our physical reality, and how the human mind and creative energy could be brought into the visual realm. The ephemral and the illusive, the spiritual or cognitive all became expressions of the creative’s output bringing viewers into a “new reality” where the laws of physics often gave way to those of the imagination.

Artist Diane Williamson’s art takes the familiar world around us and looks further, looking both inward and beyond the physical to that “something more” that the Surrealists explored. Her art is inspired by music and a concept of an eternal reality, similar to the thoughts of Plato who posited our physical existance and the objects of our endeavours as flawed copies of archetypes of eternal perfection that we aim for but can never fully achieve. Thus, her work takes viewers on journeys of exploration and discovery as the tempo and notes of music, and the symbolism of the physical and spiritual are brought together using the medium of paint.

Diane has been painting for over 20 years after working and supporting her family as a single parent. Her husband John, also a painter of a different genre encouraged her to begin exhibiting after they met via a newspaper dating service. It was the meeting of like-minded souls. John paints in a more traditional “realist” style, reflecting (literally) the beauty of the landscape and the lifeblood of water within it. Both Diane and John have as a goal, a singlular ambition of bringing beauty into the lives of the viewers of their works, and it is interesting how they approach it from such different perspectives.

Diane’s spirituality comes alive in her most recent work where she looks beyond the physical representation of the environment we live in on the Mornington Peninsula, by bring the ethereal nature of music into the “eternal” of our existance and our part in the cycles of the universe. As Diane says “For me, art is about Love and about looking beyond the outward physical sense of things … to see the spiritual qualities that these things symbolise in order to see added meaning, as material life without spiritual depth is meaningless to me. Our mental environment affects our physical environment so it’s essential to look beyond the outward physical sense of things towards ideas instead”.

Looking into the work by each of these artists creates invitations to explore and find the little “notes” and highlights that help the viewer to build a unique story, personal and changing as new aspects reveal themselves. The opportunity to listen to the motivation and passion behind each painting also frames a special and unique moment that many art enthusiasts miss out on when buying online or from a commercial gallery, making the Peninsula Studio Trail open studios event that much more special.

John and Diane are currently exhibiting their works as part of the Weekend Open Studios event. After its completion art collectors, buyers and patrons are most welcome to book viewings from 10am to 5pm most days. To make an appointment to visit follow the contact details below.

Phone: 0416 126 962

Email: diane@pw.cx

Websites: https://dianewilliamsonartist.com, http://www.peninsulastudiotrailinc.org

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